How E-Health Can Transform Care for  Providers

Trisha Stark, PhD, LP, chair of the EHR task force for the Minnesota Psychological Association, discusses the opportunity that the 2015 Interoperable Electronic Health Record (EHR) Mandate offers behavioral health providers.

The Minnesota Department of Health Explains What is Trying to Be Accomplished with E-Health Adoption

This video describes how the Minnesota e-Health Initiative is working to improve the health of Minnesotans. The Minnesota Department of Health received a State Government Innovation Award from the Bush Foundation and the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs for its work with the Minnesota e-Health Initiative, a public private partnership advancing the adoption and effective use of health information technology in Minnesota.

A Brief Explanation of Health Information Exchange Process and How Providers are Moving Forward

Electronic Data Exchange and Options for Patient Consent in this Process


Learn the difference between EMR, electronic medical records & EHR electronic health records and how they relate to your practice.

How One Clinic Used the Behavioral Health Toolkit To Adopt E-Health Technology


James Dungan-Seaver, IT manager at Hamm Clinic in St. Paul, discusses his experience adopting EHR technology with the help of Stratis Health's Health Information Technology Toolkit.