Healing Your Birth Memories Workshop

While birth can create feelings of connection, pride, and joy, it can often bring feelings of trauma, confusion, disappointment and grief. Women can harbor a sense of grief or loss surrounding their birth due to unmet expectations, a difficult birth or recovery, poor pain management, guilt or pressure from others, insensitive staff, not being listened to, fear for their baby's or their own health, and more.

Join therapist Annie Schwain in this workshop to learn how to begin to heal the negative memories and feelings about your birth. We’ll discuss how to know when you’re struggling with trauma and signs that you’re dealing with more than just trauma, such as postpartum depression or anxiety. You’ll learn coping tools to help manage emotions, how to communicate your needs, strategies to challenge unhelpful thoughts, and ways to begin confronting your fears.

This workshop is designed to provide education, peer-to-peer support, and community resources for those who had a difficult birth experience. Your workshop fee includes a copy of the workbook Healing Your Birth Memories. In order to take the necessary time and space to focus and heal, this circle is reserved for moms only.

This workshop is most beneficial for moms who are more than 3 months postpartum and who are comfortable hearing other women share about their stories. 

March 30, 1 - 3:30pm at Amma Parenting Center - Pre-registration required.

Tuition: $50 for 2 1/2 hours 

Contact Annie Schwain at 612-325-2919 or annie@vodacounseling.com, for more information or register here.