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Below are resources that you may find helpful in learning more about health information technology.


Guidance for Understanding the Minnesota 2015 Interoperable Mandate

This 4-page document provides a brief overview of the mandate, including who it applies to, and what you need to be in compliance.

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Minnesota E-Health Glossary

There are terms or abbreviations that you may not be familiar with, or that you want to clarify the meaning of. This is a comprehensive list of terms and acronyms related to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Health Information Exchange (HIE), and Health information Technology (HIT).


Free Behavioral Health Tool Kit

Stratis Health offers a free toolkit, with worksheets, resources, and suggested steps to take in identifying your needs, preparing to talk with e-health vendors, selecting a product, and implementing your plan.


Direct Basics: Q & A for Providers

Information from the National Learning Consortium on Direct Health Information Exchange (HIE), including an explanation of the process, how to get a Direct address, and how to begin sharing health information with other providers.


Applying the Substance Abuse Confidentiality Regulations to Health Information Exchange (HIE)

This document addresses frequently asked questions related to privacy and data sharing for substance abuse facilities and providers. 


Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT)

List of nationally certified EHR products based on a demonstrated ability to meet criteria for functionality, interoperability and security. 


Information on Grants and Loans to Assist with Implementing E-Health Products

A listing of various funding sources to support the implementation of e-health in behavioral health organizations. These funding opportunities do change, so check back often.