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Has your relationship changed now that baby has arrived?


A new baby is supposed to bring great joy, but for many parents it can also bring stress and strain on their relationship. You may not have the support that you want or need to deal with the many changes happening in your life. You are not alone


Concerned that you haven't gotten your sexual groove back after baby?

Let's get real - if baby #2 is desired, desire of another kind has to be kept alive - or revived. Desire alone is far from the only obstacle in any postpartum woman's road back to groovy. Pregnancy and childbirth are a challenge, and too often the changes to focus, sleep, stamina, body image and physical well-being, may make spontaneous return to pre-baby love-making pretty daunting.

Check out this webinar with pelvic and obstetric physical therapist, Jessica McKinney, who will lay out several of the factors affecting new moms and their sexual health. She'll discuss the "why" behind the variety of issues that can arise: including social, psychological, and physical issues. She'll also distinguish between normal and problematic issues, and share key tips for smoothing the road between "I just had a baby" to "I like practicing what it takes to make a baby." You won't want to miss it... and your partner won't want you to miss it either.

If you want help in reconnecting as a couple and navigating the waters of parenthood, contact me today to discuss how I can help.  

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