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Circle of Moms Support Group

Circle of Moms is a safe, welcoming space for women to gather together and discuss the not-so-easy parts of motherhood. If becoming a mom has been harder than you thought it would be, or you’re struggling to find your sense of self, know that other women feel the same way. Many moms wonder how much to reveal when asked, “How are you?”. This is your place to finish the sentence after you say, “fine”.

Healing Your Birth Memories Workshop

Join therapist Annie Schwain in this workshop to learn how to begin to heal the negative memories and feelings about your birth. We’ll discuss how to know when you’re struggling with trauma and signs that you’re dealing with more than just trauma, such as postpartum depression or anxiety. You’ll learn coping tools to help manage emotions, how to communicate your needs, strategies to challenge unhelpful thoughts, and ways to begin confronting your fears.

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