Annie Schwain, MA, LADC, LAMFT

Annie Schwain, MA, LADC, LAMFT


thinking of ending your marriage?

uncertain about how to sort things out?

If you have been asking yourself, 'Do I need a divorce?', discernment counseling may be the tool you're looking for to sort things out. Discernment counseling is a short term (1-5 session) process that is not focused on solving marital or relationship problems, but on seeing if they could potentially be solved. Unlike traditional couples counseling that assumes that both people are willing to work on the relationship, discernment counseling helps people decide whether or not they want to keep woking on their relationship or towards divorce / uncoupling. While individual counseling usually takes one person's side, in discernment counseling, the therapist works to understand both partners, even if they see things very differently.

If you are uncertain about what the next step should be for you and your relationship, discernment counseling can give you the opportunity to explore your options in a safe, supportive environment.

If you think that your relationship might be headed down a difficult road, and you aren't ready to take the step towards counseling, you might find it helpful to check out these chapters from William Doherty on Preventing Unnecessary Divorce and Resisting Consumer Marriage.

Discernment Counseling  

  • $240 for a 2-hour initial session
  • $180 for a 90-Minute Follow Up Session (up to 4 sessions)