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How do you know Whether Individual counseling is right for you?

You may find yourself in a place where you want help processing life’s challenges or relating in emotionally healthy ways.  My approach with individuals is a relational approach which helps learn skills and focus for building healthy relationships.  Together, we will work on approaching all of life with mindfulness and self-empowerment. I can help you work on changing the things you can and embrace your life with freedom and confidence. 

who do I work with for individual counseling?

I work with individuals with many different mental health concerns.  However, I specialize in working with individuals seeking help with the following:  

  • Mental health support for people in recovery
  • Rebuilding family and personal relationships impacted by addiction
  • Deciding whether to remain in or end a relationship
  • Learning to build healthy relationships and effectively communicate with others
  • Rule 25 Compliant Alcohol and Drug Assessments

unsure if individual counseling is right for you?

Many individuals are unsure whether counseling if right for them right now.  You’re not alone. Click here to read some common questions you may have when thinking about seeing a therapist. 

Alcohol and Drug Use

I partner with individuals who want to explore the impact their use of alcohol and drugs is having on their lives and their relationships.  Learn more about my approach and who I work with by clicking here.  

Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Are you facing legal charges due to alcohol and drug use?  You may be asked to complete an alcohol or drug assessment, also known as a chemical health or Rule 25 assessment.  Learn how I can help! 

Click here to set up a free 30-minute consultation and find out how I can help you move forward with your life.


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